The High Plains Library District supports learning and distance education by providing a limited exam proctoring service. This service is offered free of charge. There is no requirement that the student live within the boundaries of the District.

Proctoring Guideline
The following guidelines articulate the responsibilities of the student and the testing institution as well as the parameters of the service provided by the library.

The student will:

  • Complete the Exam Proctoring Request Form allowing for 5 business days for review.
  • Determine that the library’s resources, including installed software and physical environment meet the exam requirements.
  • Arrange for all necessary exam information to be delivered to the proctor prior to deadline.
  • Pay for any expenses associated with the exam, such as prepaid envelopes or photocopying.
  • Provide photo identification.
  • Arrive on time or notify the proctor if unable to make the appointment. Rescheduling will be at the convenience of the proctor if student is late or cancels.

The High Plains Library District will:

  • Contact the student within 5 business days after receiving the Exam Proctoring Request Form.
  • Administer the exam during regular library hours.
  • Verify the identity of the student with photo identification.
  • Notify the student when exam information has been received, if required.
  • Monitor student periodically during the exam.
  • Enforce time limits or other requirements.
  • Reserve a public computer in advance for online examinations, extend time as needed or reserve a conference room.
  • Not provide personal information, such as home phone number or social security number.
  • Not be responsible for unforeseen events, such as network or equipment failure, lost or delayed mail, proctor illness, or library closure.
  • Not install special software onto computers.

Proctoring Offered at the following locations:

Centennial Park Library - Greeley
Erie Community Library - Erie
Farr Regional Library - Greeley
Riverside Library & Cultural Center - Evans

Click here to fill out the Proctoring Request Form.