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Killing Patton
by Bill O'Reilly


A Transparent Organization

High Plains Library District GETS OUTSIDE THE LINES

No Good Cause Found to Remove HPLD Trustees


Homework Help at Lincoln Park Library

Local History Series: RMNP - the first 100 years

Meet the Instruments

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A Transparent Organization

Transparency is of the utmost importance to the HPLD Board. We appreciate the Commissioners’ close scrutiny and desire to seek a better understanding of how HPLD provides a full range of... [read more]


High Plains Library District GETS OUTSIDE THE LINES

When's the last time you said hello to your library? It's time we reintroduced ourselves. [read more]


No Good Cause Found to Remove HPLD Trustees

HPLD received injunctive relief. The Board as seated will remain the governing body of the HPLD. [read more]


High Plains Library District Now Offers Free Music

Pick your favorite artist and download 5 songs per week for FREE! No this isn’t a joke; it’s for real and it’s legal.[read more]



Homework Help at Lincoln Park Library

Help is on the way! Homework Help for students in grades 5-12 returns to Wednesday afternoons (4-7 pm), at Lincoln Park Library, beginning September 10 (while District 6 is in session). ... 

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Local History Series: RMNP - the first 100 years

A century has passed since Rocky Mountain National Park was established in 1915. Award-winning Mary Taylor Young is our guide as we discover explorers lured by the mountains' call, and a... 

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Meet the Instruments

Spark your little one's imagination with this introduction to instrument families with musicians from the Colorado Music Festival & Center for Musical Arts. Kids are welcome to drop-... 

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Online Resources

Access databases, research & subject guides, suggested web resources and other useful information compiled by the librarians of the High Plains Library District.

Databases A to Z

Browse HPLD’s subscription databases by title. Library database access is available to all onsite library visitors. In addition, all High Plains Library District resident library card holders may access most of the library’s databases from home.



Check out e-magazines from your computer or device. Current issues, no limits and easy browsing. Get started now!

Proctoring Services Available

Proctoring Services are available at four of our locations: Carbon Valley Regional, Centennial Park, Erie Community and Farr Regional Library.
The service is offered free of charge.

Virtual Chat Available Now

HPLD now has Virtual Chat service available. You can now chat with a HPLD staff person. Our staff can help you with questions about your account, help you find books, articles and research information and more. Service available Monday-Thursday 9:00am-9:00pm; Friday and Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm and Sunday 1:00pm-5:00pm.

Bike Fix-It Station

You will find Bike Repair Fix It Stations at the following locations: Carbon Valley, Centennial Park, Erie, Farr and Lincoln Park. Ride your bike to the library! Be green!