Board of Trustees

Trustees are volunteers, appointed by the establishing bodies. The Board of Trustees adopts and oversees the budget, by-laws and policies. The Board conducts long-range planning and hires and evaluates the library director.

John Damsma

Region 1
Erie, Frederick, Firestone

Rosalie Martinez

Region 2
 Fort Lupton, Hudson, Keenesburg, LaSalle

Kenneth Poncelow

Region 3
Berthoud, Johnstown, Mead, Milliken, Platteville

George Conger

Region 4
Greeley, Evans, Garden City

Mary Heberlee

Region 5
Ault, Eaton, Nunn, Pierce

Stan Sameshima

Region 6
Grover, Kersey, New Raymer

Bob Grand


Meeting Information

Date:            July 24, 2017

Time :          3:00 pm

Location:   Fort Lupton Public & School Library  425 S Denver Avenue, Ft. Lupton

Meeting Materials:

Date:            July 10, 2017

Time :          3:00 pm

Location:   Lincoln Park Library  1012 11th Street, Greeley

Meeting Materials:

Meeting Records:

Date:            June 26, 2017

Time :          3:30 pm

Location:   DSS Administrative Building 2650 W 29th Ave. Greeley

Meeting Materials:

Meeting Records:

Date:            June 12, 2017

Time :          4:00 pm

Location:   Farr Regional Library  1939 61st Ave, Greeley

Meeting Materials:

Meeting Records:

Budget 2017

Strategic Plan

Policy Manual

Trustee Resources