Internet-enabled laptops, mifi portable hotspots, telescopes, projectors, and even Colorado state park passes: all available to check out with your HPLD library card.

If you need help getting started, check our Specialty Checkout Quick Guides in English and Spanish.


Complete with MS Office Suite and their own internet connection, these laptops are ready for any task.

Mobile Wireless Hotspot

Internet that goes wherever you go!

State Park Pass

Free access to Colorado’s wonderful state parks. Just a few clicks away!

State Park Passes are not available for reservation at Member locations. You may reserve a State Park Pass for pickup at any Branch location using your library card.


Thanks to the generosity of the Longmont Astronomical Society, you can bring home this powerful, easy-to-use telescope.


Great for movie nights, meetings, and everything in between!

Specialty Checkout Terms of Use

  • You must have a valid email address
  • You must have a resident library card. CLC, Limited access or eAccess card holders are not eligible for Specialty Checkout service.
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have less than $7.50 in fines/fees on your library account.
  • Items check out for a 7-day period (beginning on the start reservation date).
  • Your reservation start date must be at least 3 days after today’s date.
  • You can have 2 active reservations per month, per item type, but you may only check out 1 of each item type at a time (i.e. 1 laptop, 1 park pass, 1 telescope).
  • The person who made the reservation, must be the person picking up the item.
  • You can return items on or before the end reservation day.
  • You can pick up and return your item during open library hours.
  • You must return the item to a staff member at the library you checked it out from.
  • You must bring a photo ID and your library card to check out your item.
  • Reservation(s) are effective for 24 hours. Item(s) must be checked out within  the 24-hour hold time. (For example: If you reserve a laptop for 10:00 am on Monday, you must pick up the item by 9:59 am on Tuesday. At 10:00 am on Tuesday, your reservation is automatically cancelled). No exceptions. Item(s) can be picked up any time during the 24-hour hold time.

Borrower Agreement

By using this service, you are agreeing to follow all state and federal laws about the use of the borrowed item(s). You also agree to follow library policies about Specialty Checkout item(s).

Return the item(s) to a staff member at the library from which you checked it out.

If an item is not returned by the due date, overdue charges of $20 per day will accrue and the full replacement cost may be charged. Accounts with balances that exceed $10 may be referred to our collection agency and additional charges will be assessed. The library may also report the failure to return an item to appropriate law enforcement authorities.