Specialty Checkouts

High Plains Library District offers more than just books with our Specialty Checkout service. Need a laptop?  You can get one from your library.  Need internet service?  Get it from your library!

You must have a resident, or homebound library card and a valid email address to make a reservation. CLC, Limited, Virtual, Organizational, ILL and eAccess cards are not eligible for Specialty Checkout.

FYI: Reservation(s) are effective for 24 hours.

Item(s) can be picked up any time during the 24-hour hold time.

Item(s) must be checked out within  the 24-hour hold time. For example: If you reserve a laptop for 10:00 am on Monday, you must pick up the item by 9:59 am on Tuesday. At 10:00 am on Tuesday, your reservation is automatically cancelled.

No exceptions.


Library Hours.

Please read the Specialty Checkout Terms of Use for more information.

  • You must have a valid email address
  • You must have a resident library card. CLC, Limited access or eAccess card holders are not eligible for Specialty Checkout service.
  • You must be at least 16 years old
  • You must have less than $7.50 in fines/fees on your library account.
  • Items check out for a 7-day period (beginning on the start reservation date).
  • Your reservation start date must be at least 3 days after today’s date.
  • You can have 2 active reservations per month, per item type, but you may only check out 1 of each item type at a time (i.e. 1 laptop, 1 park pass, 1 telescope).
  • The person who made the reservation, must be the person picking up the item.
  • You can return items on or before the end reservation day.
  • You can pick up and return your item during open library hours.
  • You must return the item to a staff member at the library you checked it out from.
  • You must bring a photo ID and your library card to check out your item.
  • Reservation(s) are effective for 24 hours. Item(s) must be checked out within  the 24-hour hold time.(For example: If you reserve a laptop for 10:00 am on Monday, you must pick up the item by 9:59 am on Tuesday. At 10:00 am on Tuesday, your reservation is automatically cancelled).    No exceptions.   Item(s) can be picked up any time during the 24-hour hold time.

Library Hours

For all Library Borrowing Terms and Limits, click here.

Borrower Agreement

By using this service, you are agreeing to follow all state and federal laws about the use of the borrowed item(s). You also agree to follow library policies about Specialty Checkout item(s).

Return the item(s) to a staff member at the library from which you checked it out.

If an item is not returned by the due date, overdue charges of $20 per day will accrue and the full replacement cost may be charged. Accounts with balances that exceed $10 may be referred to our collection agency and additional charges will be assessed. The library may also report the failure to return an item to appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Need help making a reservation? Check out our Quick Guide.

Don’t have your own computer or need to do some work from anywhere? Checking out an HPLD laptop can help.

Included in the laptop checkout:

  • Internet service
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Mouse
  • Power cable
  • Backpack carrying Case

Giving a presentation and need a projector? Or want to make your living room into a movie theater for movie night? The HPLD projector can be used for both.

Included in the projector checkout:

  • Projector
  • Power cable
  • VGA cable
  • HDMI cable
  • Backpack carrying case

Through the generosity of the Longmont Astronomical Society, the HPLD now has telescopes to check out to the public.

Included in the telescope checkout:

  • Orion StarBlast 4.5” Altazimuth reflector telescope
    • Orion EZ-Finder (attached to telescope)
    • Celestron Zoom Eyepiece (attached to telescope)
  • Laminated Instruction Manual
  • Book: NightWatch – A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe by Terrence Dickinson
  • Headlamp
  • Red accessory carrying bag
  • Tote


Liability Waiver and Hold Harmless Statement for participation in borrowing a telescope from the High Plains Library District.

I understand that there are certain risks involved with participating in the telescope checkout with the High Plains Library District. NEVER attempt to observe the sun through a telescope! Without a specially designed solar filter, viewing the sun – for even a fraction of a second- could cause instant, irreversible eye damage.

I hereby RELEASE, DISCHARGE AND AGREE TO HOLD HARMLESS THE High Plains Library District, AND ITS OFFICERS, AGENTS, VOLUNTEERS, ASSISTANTS AND EMPLOYEES, from any and every claim, demand or action of any kind arising due to bodily injury, illness, death and/or property damage resulting from any incident which may occur to me as a result of participating in the telescope checkout. This RELEASE, LIABILITY WAVIER AND HOLD HARMLESS STATEMENT does not apply if such injury, death or damage is caused by willful or reckless actions or gross negligence of the High Plains Library District, or its officers, agents, volunteers, assistants or employees.

Bring the internet with you wherever you go. Please be aware that Mobile Internet Hotspot may not work in all areas.

Included in the Mobile Internet Hotspot checkout:

  • Internet Hotspot Unit
  • Hotspot instructions with login and password
  • USB to Micro-USB cord
  • USB to Wall adapter
  • Hotspot carrying pouch
  • Hotspot carrying case and disclaimer


Terms and Conditions:

This High Plains Library District (HPLD) T-Mobile Hotspot service is available for your convenience. Users should not consider this connection secure. Use of HPLD services for transactions using credit card information or any other personal information is done at the user’s risk. The HPLD is not liable for issues resulting in/from the use of this T-Mobile Hotspot. Those misusing the HPLD T-Mobile Hotspot service or found violating any Federal, State or local regulations or violating the privacy of other library user(s) will lose user privileges and potentially be subject to additional penalties including criminal prosecution.

Thanks to a partnership between the Colorado State Library and Colorado Parks and Wildlife you can explore Colorado’s State Parks for free. Your local library, as well as libraries all across Colorado, are now offering Check Out Colorado backpacks.

Included in the State Park Pass checkout:

  • State Park pass hang tag for the rear-view mirror
  • Guide to “Your 42 State Parks”
  • Set of binoculars and case
  • Colorado Wildlife guide
  • Colorado Trees and Wildflower Guide
  • Activity Ideas list
  • Leave No Trace Behind card
  • HPLD State Park Pass Info
  • Program Evaluation form
  • Backpack carrying case

We’re trying something new. We are running a pilot program with 12 of our popular adult book club bags. These book bags can now be reserved ahead of time to meet your scheduling needs. Each tote bag comes with 12 copies of the book, a book club member log and sources for information about the book.

*This is a pilot service to determine if this meets your needs. Please share your feedback with us here

Power Check is an energy efficiency and education initiative provided in partnership with Xcel Energy. Check out a Power Check meter  and connect it to an appliance in your home to learn the appliance’s current, minimum, and maximum energy use.

Knowing which appliances are major energy drains can help you make smarter decisions about energy usage in your home — and that can help you save on your bills.