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Wish Amish

Read an Amish fiction or nonfiction book of your choice. Amish fiction is a calm escape from this busy world. Inspirational in content these stories feature Amish characters and communities. Below are some of the titles by popular Amish fiction authors, including some fun nonfiction options. Or select any Amish title of your choosing   


Letters of Trust by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Book one of the “Friendship Letters Series” follows two friends, Eleanor who has recently suffered some family trauma, and Doretta who writes letters to brighten her dark days and offer hope 

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The Orchard by Beverly Lewis

Set in 1970 Lancaster County, the Hostetler family has tended the orchard for generations. That tradition is tested when Ellie’s twin brother Evan is drafted into the Vietnam War. Ellie struggles to understand what her role will be for the family orchard.  

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The Courtship Plan by Kathleen Fuller

Book one of the “Amish of Marigold series. Charity moves to Birch Creek to find a husband but her plans get thwarted by her next door neighbor, Jesse Bontrager.  



The Captive Heart by Dale Cramer

Set in Paradise Valley, Mexico, this Amish fiction title has adventure, danger, and romance. When Caleb Bender’s daughter is kidnapped by bandits he must work with Mexican native Domingo to rescue Rachel.  



The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Emma, an Amish widow, offers a quilting class that attracts six unlikely participants. As they stitch their quilts they also work on their problems and differences, and Emma wonders if something more meaningful is happening. 

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Simply Amish: An Essential Guide from the Foremost Expert on Amish Life by Donald B. Kraybill

A short, nonfiction book that provides an essential guide to Amish life, culture, and faith. The author has lived, studied, and befriended Amish and he answers questions for those interested in more background.  



Me, Myself, and Pie: More than 100 Simple & Delicious Amish Recipes by Sherry Gore

Yay pie! Tips to making pies in the Amish tradition. The author includes personal stories of Amish life and culture.