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Bro, Where’s Your Shirt?

This list is an ode to the paperback romance, which often sport scantily clad men on their covers. In fact, this has been a surefire way for publishers to sell more romance novels since the 1980s. How do you think Fabio got his big break?! These novels have all sorts of subgenres, like historical fiction and fantasy, and vary in the ways they portray sex. For your convenience, I’ve labeled the sexual content from tame to explicit. Happy ogling…I mean reading!  

A Duchess A Day

A Duchess a Day by Charis Michaels (Tame)

If you like courageous and likable main characters, you may like Lady Helena Lack. She’s on a mission to escape marriage to a vain and boring duke. While trying to find a suitable bride to take her place, she must contend with the bodyguard who’s assigned to contain her. When their worlds collide, in more ways than one, they team up to defeat the forces that oppose them.


A heart of blood and ashes

A Heart of Blood and Ashes by Milla Vane (Explicit)

Epic fantasy and romance collide in this novel! To avenge his parents’ murders, a barbarian warrior kidnaps the king’s daughter. The warrior doesn’t expect his captive to purpose a marriage of convenience and offer to help take down her own father. Their partnership and the rich detail about the world they travel through will keep you entertained 


how the cowboy was won

How the Cowboy Was Won by Lori Wilde (Steamy)

Howdy there, cowboy!”, is what you might be thinking while looking at this cover. The cowboy in question is Ranger Lockhart and he’s looking for a wife. His friend, and local matchmaker, Ember, is on the hunt for a bride. Little does she know that Lockhart only has eyes for her. In this friendstolovers contemporary romance, Lockhart must convince his beautiful friend she’s the right fit.  


her other secret

Her Other Secret by HelenKay Dimon (Steamy)

A murder is afoot in this suspenseful romance. Tessa traveled to remote Whitaker Island to flee from a shattering scandal, and Hansen did the same after a devastating family tragedy. As their attraction simmers out of control, another newcomer to the island is murdered and blame is quickly placed on Hansen. What will the two do as their secrets collide and a killer is endangering their love and lives? 


the earl takes a fancy

The Earl Takes a Fancy by Lorraine Heath (Tame)

Fancy Trewlove is trying to marry into nobility, and Matthew Sommersby is trying to escape it. Matthew disguised himself as a commoner after his wife died to escape the throngs of women trying to become his next betrothed. After a stolen kiss in Fancy’s shop, the two discover an unlikely love. 

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meant to be immortal

Meant to be Immortal by Lynsay Sands (Steamy)

I’d want to be immortal too if I had that body…but you probably want to know what this book is about. Mac is a scientist who studies hematology, and, you guessed it, he’s also immortal. There’s not much you can do to kill an immortal, besides setting one on fire. When his house bursts into flames with him in it, he thinks it’s foul play. But the silver lining comes in the form of a blonde investigator who’s ignited feelings in him he hasn’t felt in centuries.