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Farr 20th Anniversary Writing Contest Winner!

stained glass cows

We are so pleased to announce that we have a winner of Farr’s 20th Anniversary Writing Contest!

After our panel of judges, including our esteemed Writer In Residence Rob Walker, carefully looked over all of the entries, it was decided that Jeanette Bauer’s entry, “Art Ex-hibition” is the winner!

The full text of Jeanette’s entry is below, and also included is a PDF version that will maintain all the formatting, which is always a critical component of poetry!

Thanks to all who entered. We had a really tough time choosing, and it came down to a pretty close contest in the end.

Keep writing, and we’ll see you again for our NEXT writing contest!


Art Ex-hibition

I imprisoned the endless sky.

And these pellucid panes, behind cooling lead,

Will forever serve at the pleasure of sunshine.

I peeked beneath the secret pace of nature and found patience.

A clandestine patience I fitted; framed and fitted here.

For you.

Just now, beneath the hooves of cattle, roots have formed.

And a sticky web attaches them to the earth,

This softest earth of rolling hills.

Captured within these neat borders,

Tiny hairs quilt the billowing hills,

Tufted and tucked,

Silent and safe.

This stillness, this utter repose,

This motionless memory of summer’s end.


PDF Version