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May 10, 2022

This week in new releases brings us compelling historical fiction by one of the best respected novelists in British history, and a heartwarming picture book about the importance of community. Act fast to avoid growing holds lists!

The Last White Rose by Alison Weir

Elizabeth of York is not only at the center of this novel, but lived her life in the middle of major historical events. She was the daughter of King Edward IV, the marital objective of King Richard III, the wife of Henry Tudor, and the mother of King Henry VIII. Despite her importance to history, her story is seldom told. Historical fiction fans now have the perfect opportunity to change that!

Book / Large Print

Sylvie by Jean Reidy

Jean Reidy won readers’ hearts with Truman, the story of a very brave turtle who went in search of his girl. Truman the turtle makes another appearance in Sylvie, the story of a spider who watches over the people in an apartment building. Sylvie has always watched the lives of her people, where everything is just so, but lately something has been missing and her people might need her to come out of the shadows and help them find what they need.