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April 26, 2022

This week we’ve got two books that deserve more love, and both are linked to real events from history! The Fervor is a creepy and suspenseful horror novel inspired by the Japanese Internment Camps of WWII. The Mad Girls of New York is a fictionalized account of Nellie Bly’s history-making undercover work in a New York mental hospital.

The Fervor by Alma Katsu

In 1944, Meiko and her daughter Aiko are removed from their home in Seattle and transported to an internment camp in rural Idaho, despite the fact that Aiko was born in the U.S. and Meiko is married to an American Air Force pilot. Everyday life in the camp is difficult enough, but when a mysterious disease that causes violence sweeps through the camp it brings a team of doctors that pose an even more sinister threat.


The Mad Girls of New York by Maya Rodale

In late 19th century New York City the newspaper business believes that lady reporters are only fit to write about society weddings and entertaining. Aspiring journalist Nellie Bly has greater ambitions and feigns mental illness to become a patient at Blackwell’s Island Insane Asylum for Women. Rumors swirl around the asylum’s deplorable conditions and Nellie Bly’s undercover exposé of her time there remains an important work of journalism history.