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Your library card gets you access to over 1 million items. From music and movies to laptops and telescopes, your library  has something for everyone.

Library Cards and Accounts

Sign up now for a Virtual Library Card. You can place items on hold, browse our online resources and check out eBooks. Virtual Library Cards are only active for 30 days. You will need to come into the library to make your Virtual Library Card into a permanent library card.

Click here to get started.

Once you get your Virtual Card, you may need a PIN to access some of our resources.

Get your PIN by:
1. Following this link to our catalog login page
2. Entering your new barcode number (leave the PIN space blank)
3. You will be prompted to create a new PIN. Leave the space for your old PIN blank and enter a new one of your choice.

Residents age 18 and older, Non-Residents/CLC (those residing outside the HPLD service area, such as Dacono and Windsor):

One piece of photo identification with correct address is required to get a library card. This can be shown on the same form of ID, such as a driver’s license.

Acceptable Forms of ID

Driver’s LicenseMilitary ID
Consulate cardPassport
Permanent resident cardSchool ID
State ID

If the address on the photo ID is not correct, then a 2nd form of ID with the correct address is needed.

Acceptable Forms of 2nd ID

Voter RegistrationUtility Bill, Rent, or Mortgage Receipt
Car RegistrationPrinted Checks with current address
Any other legitimate legal document showing name and address

If the patron does not have a second form of ID readily available, a Limited Card can be issued to the patron. Patron may fill out the Unverified Postcard and HPLD will mail the card to the patron. Patron can bring back the Unverified Postcard as proof of residence or the patron can bring in a second form of ID during their next visit.

Juvenile Card (age 17 and younger)

  • Both parent/legal guardian and juvenile must be present to get a card.
  • If parent/legal guardian has a valid HPLD card, this can be used as verification of address and parent/legal guardian does not need to show additional ID.
  • If parent/legal guardian does not have a valid HPLD card, a photo ID and verification of address must be shown. (See acceptable forms of identification above).

eAccess Library Card

Patrons who only wish to use the Internet computers, can obtain an eAccess Library Card. Ask at the service desk for requirements. To save time, you can print out an application form and bring to the library with your photo ID.

Card TypeIssued For
Resident CardThose living within the HPLD service area.
CLC CardThose living outside of the HPLD boundary area (this includes Dacono and Windsor).
Limited CardIssued to Colorado residents who don’t have all the necessary documentation to receive a Resident or CLC card. For example, if a patron has ID but doesn’t have sufficient proof of address.
eAccess CardLimited to computer use only. To make your eAccess card into a limited card, see Get a Card information.
Resident Cardholder Borrowing Terms & LimitsReservableLoan PeriodCheckout LimitRenewable
Physical Materials (printed books, DVDs,...)50
BooksYes3 weeks50Yes, 3 times if no one is waiting
Movies & Children's VideosYes1 week15Yes, 3 times if no one is waiting
All other physical materialsYes3 weeks50Yes, 3 times if no one is waiting
Electronic Materials (streaming movies and music, eBooks, eAudiobooks)
eMagazines from FlipsterN/A - always availableUnlimitedUnlimitedNo
eMaterials from Hoopla (movies, eBooks, eAudiobooks, comic eBooks)N/A - always availableVaries4 per monthNo
eMovies from KanopyN/A - always available3 days10No
eMaterials From Overdrive (eBooks & eAudiobooks)YesDefault is 21 days10Yes, 1 time if no one is waiting
Specialty Checkouts (laptops, projectors, telescopes, ...)Yes7 days2 per month per item typeNo
Interlibrary Loan (ILL)YesThe lending library sets the amount of time the patron is allowed to use the material5 per patron at a timeNo
ProspectorYesBooks: 3 weeks; Other media: 1 week50Books: 1 renewal; Other media: no renewal
Other Cardholder Borrowing LimitsReservableLoan PeriodCheckout LimitRenewable
Physical Materials (printed books, DVDs, ...)CLC - 10 total Limited - 5 total eAccess - none
BooksYes3 weeksSee limits aboveYes, 3 times if no one is waiting
Movies & Childrens VideosYes1 weekSee limits aboveYes, 3 times if no one is waiting
All other physical materialsYes3 weeksSee limits aboveYes, 3 times if no one is waiting
Electronic Materials (streaming movies, eBooks, music, eAudiobooks)See limits above
Specialty Checkouts (laptops, projectors, telescopes, ....)This service is limited to resident cardholders.
Interlibrary Loan (ILL)This service is limited to resident cardholders.
ProspectorThis service is limited to resident cardholders.

* See “Fees” below

What if I forgot my library card?

There are many services you may use without having your library card with you (checking out items with photo ID, using the copy machine), but for the fastest and most convenient service, bring your library card with you. Otherwise, you may get a replacement card.

Patrons with smart phones are encouraged to consider storing their cards in an app.

You can place a hold by logging into your account, by calling 1-888-861-READ (7323).

Hold Limits

  • Reference materials cannot be placed on hold.
  • Limit of 50 hold requests pending on your library card account at one time.

Holds Notification

  • The Library will attempt to notify you by phone or email when your requested items are ready for pickup.
  • Call or visit any High Plains Library District location or sign up for email notification of holds.
  • You must use the same library card to request and check out your requested item(s).
  • You may freeze your holds for a specific period of time while you are away.
  • Item(s) are held for 7 days.

You can renew items by logging into your account, by calling 1-888-861-READ (7323) or by using our Mobile App.

Why Didn’t it Renew?

There are a few reasons why something cannot be renewed:

  • Someone else has requested the item.
  • You have reached the maximum number of renewals (3).
  • Your library card has expired.
  • You owe $7.50 or more on your Library account.


The High Plains Library District does not charge overdue fines with the two exceptions noted below:

Specialty Checkout Items (laptops, mobile hotspots, telescopes etc.): $20.00 per day; maximum $140.00

Interlibrary Loan Items: $1.00 per day with a maximum of $30.00

There are no fines on items obtained through Prospector



The District does charge fees for the following:

Lost Item (or returned after 42 days):
List price. No refunds given on lost items found after payment has been made.

Damaged Item:
Assessed based on damage and impact on future use.

Lost Interlibrary Loan Item:
Price set by lending library

Lost Prospector Item:
Price estimate from

Materials Recovery:
$5.00 for balances $10.00 to $24.99
$10.00 for balances above $25.00

Flash Drives

Printing and Copying 
See the section on Printing and Copying Services

Open Records Requests 
Fees are listed under the Open Records Requests policy

Your records are strictly confidential. At the High Plains Library District, we go the extra step to ensure that your records remain your business and no one else's.

If you forget your library card, you can check out and retrieve account information with a photo ID.

This process helps us recognize you and avoids checkout discrepancies.

Your hold items will check out only to your card.

If you want a friend or family member to pick up your hold items, make sure to add their names to your account for permission to pick up your items.

We give your hold/reserve information only to you.

Specific details on your hold items will not be given to your answering machine, roommate, or anyone else. You may call 1-888-861-READ (7323) or check My Account to get the title, if you miss our call.

Someone else may pay your fines, but specific information will not be given to them.

If someone returns or renews an overdue item for you, he or she may pay the fine, but your account history will not be disclosed.

Children's records are equally protected.

Your records are available to you. Although your library account is protected from others, you can access information about it by going Online and selecting My Account.

Safeguard your card.

Report any loss or theft of your card to the Library immediately.

Confidentiality of Library usage is not protected if there is misuse of the Library or its resources; if the Library is presented with a court-ordered subpoena; or if information is requested under section 215 of the United States Patriot Act.

The High Plains Library District follows Colorado Law 24-90-119 which requires all public libraries to guarantee the privacy of customer records. At the High Plains Library District, we are not only committed to ensuring your privacy, but to providing you with the best in customer service. If you have any questions concerning the privacy of your records please be sure to let us know.

Colorado Law 24-90-119. Privacy of user records. (1) Except as set forth in subsection (2) of this section, a publicly-supported library shall not disclose any record or other information that identifies a person as having requested or obtained specific materials or service or as otherwise having used the library. (2) Records may be disclosed in the following instances: (a) When necessary for the reasonable operation of the library; (b) Upon written consent of the user; (c) Pursuant to subpoena, upon court order, or where otherwise required by law; (d) To a custodial parent or legal guardian who has access to a minor's library card or its authorization number for the purpose of accessing by electronic means library records of the minor. (3) Any library official, employee, or volunteer who discloses information in violation of this section commits a class 2 petty offense and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars.