Kersey Library

New Library
Coming Fall 2021!

Closed September 23rd and 24th, Grand Opening September 25th!

We need a couple days to move everything from our old location to the new one and to get everything set up for the Grand Opening on Saturday, September 25th! The festivities will start at our new location (332 3rd St. Kersey, CO, the old Kersey Town Hall) at 1 P.M. Check this space for more details!

Update: September 2021

Kersey staff visited the construction site to find a nearly completed building! The GHPhipps site manager explained there is only a small list of tasks to complete. Their crew will install glass panels in a few interior doors and finish installing the remainder of the door hardware. They will also touch up the paint in the interior and on the exterior of the building. The neighborhood will see an improvement in the front of the building as the landscaping crew completes their work. GHPhipps will soon remove the site fence, and they have two more inspections. The final electrical inspection will take place this week, and the last walk-through of the building by the crew will also happen.

Update: Mid-August 2021

Kersey staff was told my the site manager this week that they’ve completed the overhead inspection. While staff was there, the GHPhipps crew was in the process of installing the ceiling tiles. The flooring installation starts today, and is expected to be done by next Friday. Drinking fountains and counters are planned to be installed next week, along with signage. In addition the landscaping crew will arrive next week to begin their work.

Update: Early August 2021

Kersey staff learned that the GHPhipps crew is finalizing painting the walls and installing all the door jambs. This work will be done while they wait for the flooring and tile installation crew to arrive and begin their work.

Update: July 2021

Kersey staff visited the construction site of the new library to meet with the site manager for a progress update. The GHPhipps construction crew has already knocked down some interior walls to open the space, installed new drywall, and did a rough framing of the exterior doors. They’re scheduled to pour concreate around the front of the building this week. However, their main goal is finishing the drywall and the overhead electrical mechanical work. These are integral steps to moving forward with the next stage of work on the interior.

Kersey Library has moved to the old Town Hall location (332 3rd St. Kersey, CO) and will have a grand opening on Saturday, September 25th.