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Reading Lists

Looking for some great books to help you complete the challenges? We’ve got some librarian-recommended titles that should suit just about any reader. You don’t have to pick from these lists to finish the challenges, we just wanted to give you some good options!

Woman laughing with book

Punny Mysteries

Enjoy a good laugh when you see pun-filled titles? Here’s a list of cozy mysteries with very punny titles that will give you a giggle.

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Paparazzi taking pictures

The Stars Are Out Tonight

What makes celebrity autobiographies and memoirs so compelling?  Perhaps it’s because, despite their star status, celebrities ultimately emerge as people just like us, with ordinary

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Short Takes!

Not all stories need to be long to pack a punch. Check out these great titles available on audio lasting less than 10 hours. Bird

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Autism Infinity Symbol

All Kinds of Minds

Did you know April is Autism Acceptance Month? First held in 1972 by the Autism Society, Autism Acceptance Month emphasizes the need for public awareness

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Colorado or Bust

Read any book set in Colorado (fiction or nonfiction).  The Stand by Stephen King This popular apocalyptic horror novel follows the journey of various survivors

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roses in a vase

A Dozen Roses

Throughout history, roses have been used to express a variety of emotions—love, of course, but also purity, gratitude, secrecy, vanity, even grief and jealousy.  Here’s

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Popular Biographies

Let’s face it. Humans are a social bunch, and we love learning about the experiences of other humans (especially when they’re famous or notorious). While

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Killer Thrillers

Not into ghosts and ghouls? That’s okay. There’s more than one way to get some thrills and chills. We all know that people are way

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Healthy You

Prioritize your health! Read a book to help you with physical issues, mental health, or simply revamping your meals. You deserve to be healthy and

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Inside Jokes

There are as many types of memoir as there are people writing them, but we’d like to encourage you to indulge in a funny one.

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Did You Hear That?

Who doesn’t like a good ghost story? The possibility of restless spirits and haunted places has fascinated and frightened humans throughout the centuries. You’ll want

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Missing Memories

The Mayo Clinic defines amnesia as “the loss of memories, such as facts, information and experiences.” And amnesia is a commonly used plot device in

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The essay is an underappreciated form of writing. They’re short enough to be read in one sitting, can range in tone and subject from the

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Broadway Reads

Read the books that became your favorite Broadway shows!  The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux Opening on Broadway in 1988, The Phantom of

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Love Your Space

Tips and tricks to spruce up your home and workspace. Indulge you inner organizer with these helpful picks often full of lush beautiful photos to

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Emerald Isle Authors

The literary tradition of Ireland, the Emerald Isle, is a long and distinguished one. That tradition continues to flourish through some of the most compelling

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When magic and science collide, which side will you choose?  This list explores books that combine all things techie with the wonders of magic, wherein

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High Tide

Colorado may be a landlocked state, but we can still enjoy the ocean in our reading. To earn this badge, read a book that features

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