YES!Fest 2022

YES!Fest 2022


Come Yes!fest with us!

The High Plains Library District (HPLD) is seeking exhibitors, partners and contributors for its 2022 Youth Engineering and Science festival, currently set for September 17th, 2022 in Downtown Greeley.

HPLD seeks a variety of contributors (educational, corporate, governmental, non-profit, individual, etc.) willing to represent their field and interested in giving their time to help create an engaging experience for attendees.

We seek contributors who are passionate about what they do, and who can convey their field’s uniqueness to the lay audience.

We are also looking for role models from diverse backgrounds, who can open a child’s eyes to the possibility that they CAN grow up to become an engineer.

About Yes!fest

This Youth Engineering and Science Festival – YES!fest – promises to be a fun and educational festival for the whole family. Booths and exhibitors from across many science and engineering fields will provide hands-on activities for all age levels. YES!fest seeks to create a change in attitude toward engineering as a meaningful potential career option and emphasize its relevance in our everyday lives.

Engineers solve problems by designing and building things that matter. They think of new solutions to make our lives better. YES!fest will give kids the chance to explore this style of problem solving and think just like an engineer.

Engineers do cool stuff, and kids who visit YES!fest with their family will get to do cool stuff, too! There will be hands-on activities, demonstrations, and professional engineers ready to answer all your questions!

Engineers work in teams to solve problems and develop never before seen technologies. Kids and their families are invited to YES!fest to work together while everyone learns about all the different ways of being an engineer.

Engineers work to find creative, inventive, and practical solutions to problems. They build things that matter using sciences like physics and chemistry in unique ways. At YES!fest there will be hands on activities that illustrate all the ways engineers use science to solve problems.

Calling Young Creators!

The High Plains Library District is seeking artwork featuring YES!Bot and Sparky the robot dog, mascots of the YES!Fest science festival.

YES!Bot and Sparky have gone on so many thrilling, big adventures that are fun for the whole family.

And now they need your help to put them all down in their scrapbook!

Imagine an adventure for YES!Bot and Sparky, and enter it into the 2022 YES!Fest Fan Art Event!

Check Out This Gallery Of Images We've Already Received!

Where Will Your Imagination Take YES!Bot and Sparky?

Entries should depict YES!Bot and Sparky on a science adventure.

For example: exploring the ocean, traveling through space, meeting new robot friends, or shrunken to the size of insects. These are only suggestions — feel free to choose a different science adventure!

How to Enter:

• Paintings, drawings, sculptures, dioramas, short stories, comics, and more are welcome.
• No entries larger than 12 inches by 16 inches, please.
• Event dates: March 14th – April 1st (prize dates have passed, but you can still submit artwork!)
•Event is open to children of all ages. One entry per person, please.
• All entries must be accompanied by the official entry form. The form may be picked up at your local library or downloaded here (o aquí en español).
• Select entries will be featured in materials at the YES!Fest Festival on September 17, 2022.
• See the official entry form for further information.
• If you can’t make it into the library, you can submit artwork online here.

We can’t wait to see what you design!

Need Help
Getting Started?

Check out this guide to creating comics, including a simple way to draw YES!Bot and Sparky!

Or, read the full comic book!