YES!fest 2023


Now accepting exhibitor applications!

excited robot
This Youth Engineering and Science Festival – YES!fest – promises to be a fun and educational festival for the whole family. Booths and exhibitors from across many science and engineering fields will provide hands-on activities for all age levels. YES!fest seeks to create a change in attitude toward engineering as a meaningful potential career option and emphasize its relevance in our everyday lives.

Engineers solve problems by designing and building things that matter. They think of new solutions to make our lives better. YES!fest will give kids the chance to explore this style of problem solving and think just like an engineer.

Engineers do cool stuff, and kids who visit YES!fest with their family will get to do cool stuff, too! There will be hands-on activities, demonstrations, and professional engineers ready to answer all your questions!

Engineers work in teams to solve problems and develop never before seen technologies. Kids and their families are invited to YES!fest to work together while everyone learns about all the different ways of being an engineer.

Engineers work to find creative, inventive, and practical solutions to problems. They build things that matter using sciences like physics and chemistry in unique ways. At YES!fest there will be hands on activities that illustrate all the ways engineers use science to solve problems.