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Why Should Kids Have All the Fun? (Read a picture book for grown-ups)

Have fun browsing a picture book aimed at adults. With minimal text, these image-centric titles will allow you a quick escape. Some are funny. Some are serious. Some are filled with lovely illustrations while others have stunning photographs. All of them are designed to inspire. Enjoy!

Your Guide to Not Getting Murdered in a Quaint English Village by Maureen Johnson & Jay Cooper

For fans of cozy British mysteries, this clever book pokes fun at all the ways to get murdered in a small village. Hint: There are many! The black-and-white (and blood red) images are delightful and will make you chuckle.


Finding Muchness by Kobi Yamada

Life got you down? Feeling blue? This heartwarming book will give you a boost of good cheer and sound advice. The whimsical duckling is adorable and each page offers a brief message of wisdom to help you face life’s challenges. This little book will charm you.


Subpar Parks by Amber Share

The author combines her love for the outdoors, illustrating, and hand-lettering in this entertaining homage to our National Parks. Based on her popular Instagram account, Amber recounts the less-than-stellar reviews posted by less-than-impressed visitors (the Grand Canyon is described as a “big hole”). She combines this with bold, colorful illustrations and sprinkles the book with insider tips for visiting these beautiful landscapes.


The Front Steps Project by Kristen Collins & Cara Soulia

Coping with this pandemic has been a challenge for us all but this book will give you hope! Based on the popular social movement, this book is a collection of photos and quotes from diverse families during quarantine. This courageous project inspired the nation during a dark time.


Rebel Threads by Roger K. Burton

For something completely different. Do you like fashion? Old movies? Sub-cultures? This book is filled with photos of fashion outfits and film stills alongside stories of the creation origins. A visual treat for fans of vintage clothing.


The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy

If you’ve not had the pleasure of viewing this bestselling book then add it to your list! The beautiful illustrations combined with a powerful fable of friendship and kindness is destined to become a classic.

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Be More Snoopy by Nat Gertler

This small, lighthearted book will give you a much-needed smile. When life gets tough we sometimes have to ask, “What would Snoopy Do?” With quotes about well-being, happiness, friendship, determination – these cheery images will put a bounce in your step.


There and Back by Jimmy Chin

These stunning photos from award-winning filmmaker and photographer Jimmy Chin will make you gasp in wonder and awe. Along with the breathtaking photos he shares the amazing adventures from his life.


Bears by Julie Argyle

One benefit of books is they can transport you someplace you’ve never been before. For example, not many of us would (or should) hang out with Grizzly Bears, but with Julie Argyle’s wonderful book we get to see these magnificent creatures up close and personal. So, why not?


This Book Is for You by Worry Lines

Artist Worry Lines collected these fan-favorites from the wildly popular Instagram posts. Deeply relatable, sweetly funny, these images will help you face anxiety and worry. Take comfort that you are not alone!