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Cloak and Dagger – Read any mystery

Killing Trail by Margaret Mizushima

Small town police officer Mattie Cobb and her new K-9 partner Robo are called to investigate the death of a young woman in this Colorado mystery that fans of CJ Box and Nevada Barr will love.

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Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson

When the FBI comes knocking at Malcolm Kershaw’s mystery bookstore, he learns that a killer has been committing murders that seem to be inspired by one of Malcolm’s old blog posts – a list of perfect literary murders.

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A Study in Scarlet Women by Sherry Thomas

Charlotte Holmes has never fit in with proper society, so she engineers a situation to become an outcast. When a series of deaths implicates her family, she begins to investigate using an assumed name: Sherlock.

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Fortune Favors the Dead by Stephen Spotswood

Will Parker’s unusual youth in a traveling circus gave her the kind of skills that make life as assistant to private investigator Lillian Pentecost a perfect fit. Their most famous case involves the death of a society matron, who was found dead in a locked room at a crowded party.

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Bluebird Bluebird by Attica Locke

Darren Mathews is an East Texas Ranger whose last case has his job at risk. When an old FBI friend asks him to look into some suspicious deaths, he answers the call and puts his career on the line.

The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson

Wyoming sheriff Walt Longmire is hoping to retire in peace until a local boy with a troubled past is found dead. Now he’s investigating the murder, as well as the possible motive of revenge which could mean a threat to others before the killer is finished.

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The Silence of the White City by Eva García Sáenz

Unai López de Ayala is a police inspector in Vitoria in the Basque region of Spain, a town that was terrorized twenty years ago by a serial killer. Now the convicted killer is due to be released from prison, but new bodies are being found with uncanny similarities to the old crimes.

Genesis by Robin Cook

Medical Examiner Laurie Montgomery’s latest body appears to be a routine drug overdose by a 28-year-old pregnant woman. Her family tells a different story, and the mystery of the baby’s father has Montgomery doing a deeper investigation – which may put her in a killer’s sights.

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

The glamorous Orient Express becomes stranded by a snowdrift, and in the morning a wealthy American is discovered stabbed to death inside his locked compartment. Luckily, the brilliant Hercule Poirot is on hand to investigate.

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A Duty to the Dead by Charles Todd

World War I nurse Bess Crawford is given a dying soldier’s last request to his brother, which brings her to Kent while she’s on leave. She’s not convinced that the soldier’s family will honor the request, so she begins her own dangerous investigation into the family’s secrets.

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