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Tea and Murder (Read a cozy mystery)

Murder at the Mill by M.B. Shaw

An artist, Iris Grey, has just fled the confines of an unhappy marriage and has traveled to Hampshire where she has been commissioned to paint a portrait of a writer, Dominic Wetherby. When one of Dominic’s sons finds a body in the nearby river on Christmas Day, Iris cannot agree with the verdict of suicide. She sets off to solve this mystery and along the way the readers will admire her smarts and her bravery.

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A Spell of Murder by Clea Simon

Becca is newly unemployed and newly single and has nothing but time on her hands. Believing she has psychic powers, she decides to study to become a witch. What she fails to realize is that her cats are the ones with magic powers. When one conjures a pillow, Becca thinks her hard work is paying off. Is this why a member of her coven draws her aside to tell a secret that could lead to murder? Readers will find lots of witty, banter-filled dialogue in this witchy murder mystery.

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Buzz Off by Hannah Reed

Story Fischer, a beekeeper in Wisconsin, is having a busy National Honey Month. In this upbeat and homespun novel, Fischer sets the town abuzz when she must defend her business, her bees, and her ex-husband from a murder charge.


The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith

In this spirited and culturally diverse book, Precious Ramotswe is the first female private detective in Botswana. Her first cases come slowly. Mostly, it’s women who think their husbands are cheating on them. But when a case of a missing boy who might have been killed by a witchdoctor and a doctor who is competent one day and not the next comes across her radar, she’s ready to tackle it head on.

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Written Off by E.J. Copperman

In this offbeat novel, Racheal Goldman writes mysteries where the main character, who is a consultant to the county prosecutor’s office, solves missing persons cases. In the middle of her next novel, Racheal gets a call from someone wanting help with a missing persons case and he acts just like the main character in her novel. But she doesn’t have time to get her bearings straight, because a novelist friend has gone missing and Racheal thinks someone is now after her.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke

Hannah Swensen has a coffee shop in Lake Eden, Minnesota, in which she sells her baked goods. When the town’s milkman is found dead in an alley near her shop, the amateur sleuth teams up with her brother-in-law, the sheriff, to tackle this mystery. It doesn’t take long for Hannah to get caught up in scandal in this leisurely-paced but suspenseful culinary mystery.

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Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters

Amelia Peabody inherited a considerable amount of money and her unbendable will from her father. After his passing, she forgoes the role of Victorian spinster and travels to Egypt. While taking in the wonders of the country, she stumbles upon mysterious intruders, boorish archeologists, and a mummy that keeps disappearing and reappearing. Readers will love this book for the rich detail and intricately plotted mystery.

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The Cat Who Could Read Backwards by Lilian Jackson Braun

Jim Qwilleran, former author and newspaper reporter, has been unemployed for a while when he starts work at the Daily Fluxion city newspaper. He is hired as an art writer in the Features Department, and his first assignment is to write a story about an artist that was poorly reviewed by the other art critic at the paper. Qwilleran ends up living in the same apartment building as the art critic and finds an ally in his landlord’s cat, Koko. It is when the art critic is murdered and other strange occurrences surface that he and Koko team up to solve it all. Despite the murder, this story is heartwarming and provides a strong sense of place.


The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie

The Bantry’s woke up expecting to carry out their normal routine, but instead found the body of a young woman in their library. She’s wearing an evening gown and has makeup smeared across her face. They have no idea who she is or how she got there. Could she be connected to the charred remains found in the local quarry? In this engaging and intricately plotted book, the Bantry’s call their friend Miss Marple to solve the mystery before tongues start to wag.

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Inspector Singh Investigates: A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder by Shamini Flint

Inspector Singh is not feeling great about his next case. He was sent from his home in Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to work on a tough case with very few leads. The famous Singaporean model, Chelsea Liew, is on death row for the murder of her husband. She says she didn’t do it but getting to the bottom of this case is going to take all he has. And that’s not his only problem, as the police are not being anywhere near cooperative. This quirky and atmospheric read will have you on the edge of your seat until its unexpected conclusion.