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Five Properly Entertaining International Mystery Shows Streaming on Hoopla

We may be stuck in our homes, but Hoopla can help us see the world. Visit far-flung locales with these international series, and maybe solve a few mysteries while you’re at it!

Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries

This spinoff of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, set in Jazz Age Australia, sends Phryne Fisher’s long-lost niece and heir into the swinging 60s – and a little detective work, of course. Haven’t seen the original? It’s streaming on Hoopla too!

Death in Paradise

If you’re a fan of locked-room mysteries or mysteries with limited suspects, Death in Paradise could be for you. It’s set on a fictional French island in the Caribbean, where a British detective must solve the murder of his predecessor.

The Young Montalbano

Are you a fan of the Andrea Camilleri detective novels? Here’s the Italian-made TV version! Set in Sicily and filmed in Italian (with English subtitles), this is the perfect way to soak up some Mediterranean sun direct from your own couch.

Homicide Unit Istanbul

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more international show than this German-language crime thriller about a Turkish detective in Istanbul. Modern methods and an ancient setting combine into a one-of-a-kind series.

The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries

Dame Diana Rigg stars as Mrs. Bradley in this series, which follows the glamourous detective and her (Rolls Royce driving) chauffeur through the 1920s in Britain. Critics have compared Mrs. Bradley to the iconic Miss Marple – although she’s a bit more daring.