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High Plains Library District is committed to serving diverse populations. We choose to celebrate the differences between people, be they based on age, gender, race, diverse abilities, cultural background or sexual orientation. HPLD strives to build communities where difference is appreciated and valued, with the understanding that differences between people are what enriches our communities and enables us to share in a wealth of experience.


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Ofrecemos para todas las edades libros, revistas, diarios, videos/DVDs, música y audiolibros en español.


Como obtener una tarjeta de biblioteca

Su primera tarjeta de biblioteca es gratuita. Vaya a cualquier biblioteca del distrito para recibir su tarjeta.

Para obtener una tarjeta se requiere una identificación con fotografía en la que figure su dirección actual.

Puede utilizar su tarjeta en cualquier biblioteca sucursal o miembro del distrito.

Los usuarios deberán abonar un cargo por el reemplazo de tarjetas.

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Tiene acceso a su registro de la biblioteca y puede solicitar materiales y renovar sus préstamos por Internet.


¿Sabe que?

El distrito incluye cinco bibliotecas sucursales, dos bibliotecas ambulantes, seis bibiliotecas miembros, una biblioteca afiliada (Wellspring en NCMC) y depósitos de libros alrededor del condado Weld.

Ofrecemos para todas las edades libros, revistas, diarios, videos/DVDs, música y audiolibros en español.

Tenemos bases de datos y otros materiales para aprender idiomas, investigar las ciencias, el arreglo de automóviles o tópicos de salud, practicar los exámenes de GED y ciudadanía y muchos otros tópicos.

Puede buscar en español nuestro catálogo de la biblioteca (Encore).

Tiene acceso a su registro de la biblioteca y puede solicitar materiales y renovar sus préstamos por Internet.

Ofrecemos clases de computación gratis (en español).

Tenemos laboratorios de computación y acceso gratuito al Internet a través de redes inalámbricas (WiFi).

Tenemos salas de reunión disponibles para la comunidad y las organizaciones civiles.

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What is the library?
The library is a place for newcomers to the community to discover, learn, and grow. There are many resources available that will help you improve your language, technology and literacy skills. The library connects communities to information, inspiration and entertainment for life.

How can I get a library card?
Visit any one of the District’s libraries to receive your card or apply online. A photo ID with your current address is required in order to obtain a card. If your ID does not have your current address a second document with your current address is required.

Where is the library?
There are five main branches across northern Colorado and several member branches. Here is a list of all of our locations and hours.

What can I borrow?
You can borrow many items from the library from books to movies to even citizenship toolkits. Visit our list of borrower privileges.

English As A Second Language

Learning to speak, read, write and listen to another language is not an easy task. It takes a lot of work, time, practice and dedication.

The librarians at the High Plains Library District want to help by making it easy to find the resources, classes and assistance you need.

Whether you are learning English as a Second Language (ESL), studying for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), or trying to learn some Italian before your next trip to Italy, we've got what you need.

No matter which language you speak, we will find a way to communicate.

Pronunciator is a fun and free way to learn any of 138 languages with Personalized Courses, movies, music, and more.

ProLibrary English
ProLibrary is designed to help librarians communicate with Spanish-speaking patrons, and vice versa!

ProLibrary Español
¡Prolibrary está diseñado para ayudar a los bibliotecarios comunicarse con el público hispanohablante, y viceversa!

The High Plains Library District offers computer classes in many different areas. Introduction to Computers, Microsoft Word, the Internet and e-mail are all subjects taught at our branches. View the Computer Class Schedule here.


The High Plains Library District also offers 1-on-1 help in 30-45 minute sessions. Help is offered on just about any subject, from technology to tutoring. If you have something you would like to learn about, Book a Librarian today.

The City of Greeley has an online and in-person job board, as well as a telephone hotline listing their latest opportunities.


Weld County District 6 Schools often advertise employment vacancies for people with diverse backgrounds.


JBS Swift & Co. is a local employer with opportunities in the meat processing industry.


Weld County Employment Services Greeley and Ft Lupton offers free resume, job interview, and online job hunting workshops.

GED Classes for Adults

Visit the University of Northern Colorado’s web pages to learn more about university education available in Greeley.

Aims Community College offers both traditional and continuing education classes that expand horizons and allow students to develop new skills.

The Greeley and Evans communities are served by the Weld County District 6 Schools. Visit their site to learn more about entry into the public school system in Greeley.

Fort Lupton is served by Weld School District Re-8.

Windsor-Severance is served by Weld County Re-4 School District.

Help for students at the University of Northern Colorado is also available from the Marcus Garvey Center at UNC.

The Immigrant and Refugee Center of Northern Colorado is located in Greeley, provide assistance with learning to speak, write and understand English.

Does your American Dream start with becoming a U.S. citizen?

The High Plains Library District  can help you on your path to citizenship.

We have study materials to help you prepare for the new citizenship test; information on citizenship classes offered throughout the community as well as web links and phone numbers of various organizations such as the USCIS, consulates, immigration  and refugee specialists.

This is your doorway to a new world. Step through and let the HPLD librarians help you on your journey.


To become a U.S. citizen you must take the Oath of Allegiance.

The Oath includes several promises you make when you become a U.S. citizen, including promises to:

  • Give up all prior allegiance to any other nation or sovereignty;
  • Swear allegiance to the United States;
  • Support and defend the Constitution and the laws of the United States; and
  • Serve the country when required.

Citizenship Classes are offered in conjunction with the Immigrant and Refugee Center of Northern Colorado.  Classes are FREE and will help prepare students for their naturalization interview by practicing reading, writing, civic questions, vocabulary, and N-400 application.

We currently have openings for our online Wednesday evening class from 5:30pm-8:00pm.

To attend the online class or for more information please call or visit the Immigrant and Refugee Center at 970-352-7323, 3001 8th Ave Suite 170.

Students will need to pick up packets and material for class at the Immigrant and Refugee Center.  This can be done when you register in person.

ProCitizen English
ProCitizen prepares you for U.S. Citizenship

ProCitizen Español
Preparación para obtener la ciudadanía estadounidense

  • Weld Department of Human Services Find information about social assistance programs, such as Employment Services, Child Care Programs, Financial, Food, and Medical Services, and much more offered by Weld County.
  • Weld County Youth Conservation Corps provides an opportunity for young people to get involved in projects in their community. Projects occur throughout Weld County.
  • Catholic Charities of Weld County provides relief to families in need. Contact them at (970) 353-6433. They are located at 1442 N 11th Ave Greeley, CO 80631
  • Connections for Independent Living is non-profit organization that aims at helping individuals with disabilities overcome challenges. They do this through different services they offer such as Employment Services, Deaf Services, Support Group and Classes and many more.
  • United Way of Weld County can help you connect with services that can make a positive impact on your life. 211 is an excellent service that helps locate any type of resource from English classes to help with GED.
  • Weld Food Bank is a non-profit organization that helps fight hunger and poverty through food programs and by educating our community about this problem.
  • Our Center in Longmont helps to provide basic needs, such as food and clothing.
  • The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless provides assistance with housing, health care and child care.
  • The City of Greeley’s Alternative Transport page provides information on other ways to travel.
  • Visit the Greeley-Evans Transit bus page for information on routes, fares and public transit options.
  • If you are a UNC student, you can get a free bike to use around campus.
  • Taxi cab service in Greeley: Shamrock Yellow Cab, (970) 224-2222.
  • Shuttle service: Rocky Mountain Shuttle: (970) 356-3366.
  • For those who are learning to drive,
    the Colorado Driver Handbook is available from the Colorado Department of Revenue. Also available in Spanish language.

Health manual – in Karen or – in Burmese.

For Women’s Health concerns, visit Planned Parenthood.

General Health Care in the Greeley area is provided by Banner Health and Poudre Valley Health Care System.

Clinics for low-income individuals or families are also available through Sunrise Community Health Services, at:

Monfort Family Clinic, (970) 353-9403,

Monfort Children’s Clinic, (970) 352-8898

Family Dental Clinic, (970) 352-0048

Kidz Care Clinic, (970) 348-1100

Weld County Prenatal Clinic, (970) 304-6425

Salud Health Clinic in Brighton and Longmont also offers family care.

North Range Behavioral Health has locations in Fort Lupton and Greeley.

If you’re facing homelessness, United Way of Weld County might be able to help.

Greeley Manor Apartments, 100 13th St #105, Greeley, CO, (970) 356-5489

Plaza del Milagro and Plaza del Sol, 2500 1st Avenue, Greeley, CO, (970) 378-1171

Apply for subsidized housing at the Greeley Housing Authority