Local Digitized History

The High Plains Library District’s Local Digitized History collection is comprised of digital preservation partnership projects with museums and sights of historical interest within Weld County, an eclectic selection of homegrown HPLD content such as past newsletters & photographs, and HPLD’s very own Weldcast podcast.

Weld County Images Collection

The Weld County Images Collection consists primarily of images taken in Weld County, Colorado during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Images in this collection were acquired through individual donations to the City of Greeley Museums. The Weld County Images Collection was a multi-year, joint project of the Greeley Museums and the High Plains Library District. The project was made possible in part by a Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) grant.

Kersey Collection

The Kersey Local History Collection includes items from local newspapers, business documents and local photographs. This digital collection consists of approximately 100 items. The Kersey Local History Collection was a collaborative project between the Kersey Museum, LIS graduate students at the University of Denver, and the High Plains Library District.


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Weld County, Colorado is home to a multitude of talented individuals from all walks of life.  Entrepreneurs, small business owners, homemakers, farmers, ranchers, brewers, sculptors, writers, poets, visual artists, filmmakers, and street performers are all part of the mixture that represent the past, present and very exciting future of Weld County and Northern Colorado.

Weldcast’s mission is to record, archive, and share the stories of the Weld County area.

Skeets Calvin: Greeley Museum Oral Histories Collection

An interview with Skeets Calvin, recorded in 1992. The interview touches upon Skeets’ upbringing in Kuner and Kersey, Colorado, his time serving in WW2 as a photographer and soldier, his return to Greeley, as well as his career documenting Weld County and the surrounding areas.

Lincoln Park Library Memories

A collection of interviews of staff reminiscing about the history of the Lincoln Park Library. Recorded during the final days before the closure of the original downtown library’s location.

BMH Glass

BMH Glass owner Bryce Huffman talks to Weldcast about glass blowing and the genesis of BMH Glass.

Miranda Carbaugh : Wiley Roots Brewing Company

Wiley Roots Brewing Company co-founder Miranda Carbaugh talks to Weldcast about the founding of Wiley Roots with her husband Kyle Carbaugh.

Go West Film Festival: Greeley, Colorado

Khris Gamer and Victoria Boone discuss their love of film and how that love led to the creation of the Go West Film Festival in Greeley Colorado, the first Western genre specific film festival in Colorado.

Jay Trask: University of Northern Colorado Archivist 

Archivist Jay Trask talks to Weldcast about the world of library archives.