Summer Reading Adventure

The Summer Reading Adventure will help you and your kids stay curious and entertained this summer! This FREE program for ALL AGES provides fun family activities that will help you and your children fall in love with reading together!

The Scoop

Summer Reading is about more than just reading in the summer. It’s about helping everyone find joy in reading, learning and exploring the library.

Parents and caregivers, we've designed the Summer Reading Adventure to encourage kids to read in creative situations and learn in fun, playful, and exciting ways. Research shows that kids who read over the summer retain more of their skills than kids who don't. The SRA is a fun and free way to encourage learning without too much pressure.

Our Summer Reading Adventure is all about discovery. We’re tapping into the inner explorer in all of us by interacting with the world around us in new and different ways. We’re focusing less on what you read and more on how you read, developing programs with a focus on finding new interests and opening avenues of inquisitiveness.

The Summer Reading Adventure is designed for all ages from day-old to adult. We hope all ages will be inspired to take part in our reading challenges and rediscover the joy of reading – wherever, whenever and however you choose. The Summer Reading Adventure is a great way to model reading and learning for young ones, so sign up together and enjoy the Summer Reading Adventure with the people you love.

Follow these steps:

1) Log into or create your account in our tracking system so you can follow your progress over the summer and earn badges, prizes and be entered into our drawings.

2) Choose to participate using a printed Discovery Card available at your library or print your own here. You can also simply use the online system to track your progress on your computer or mobile device.

How do I log activities?
Mark your completed activities on your discovery card and bring it to any branch library to have them recorded in Beanstack for entry in the grand prize drawing. You can also log online.

Do activities need to be completed or logged in a special order?
Choose any combination of discovery activities and log in any order that works for you. Each discovery activity is worth 10 points in Beanstack. When you’re ready to record your completed activities, come to a branch library or log them online.

How do I complete the program?
You finish the program when you complete any combination of 12 discovery activities in any order.

Tell me about the prizes.
You will receive prizes for registering and completing the program. The last day to redeem prizes is July 28th. You are also entered in a grand prize drawing for every 4 discovery activities you complete. Grand prize winners will be notified after August 1st.

After completing our Summer Reading Adventure, please feel free to fill out a patron survey so we may use it to make next year's program the best it can be. This survey is also offered in our branch libraries, so if you already filled that out, you can skip this.

Birth to 18 Readers (English)

Birth to 18 Readers (Spanish)

19+ Readers (English)

19+ Readers (Spanish) 

Summer Programming

To view our full calendar of events and register for any programs, click here.

To view a printable PDF of events by location, use the links below.