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Computer Classes at HPLD

We offer a range of introductory computer classes at HPLD. Most of our classes are targeted at a beginner computer comfort level. We also do classes on tablets and phones.

Upcoming Computer Classes

We have an exciting schedule of free computer classes coming up in 2017.

Choose from Windows 10, Intro to the Internet, iPad Basics and more!!!

For more information and to register, please visit our Calendar of Events.

Online Classes

If you'd like a little extra info on some of our digital services, such as Hoopla, Lynda.com or Learning Express Library, try taking one of the classes in our Online Class collection.

e-Readers, Tablets, Devices?

Wondering what kind of e-reader or tablet to buy for yourself or a family-member? We have some ideas.

There are many kinds of e-readers compatible with free library eBooks and Audio eBooks. Most tablets running Windows, Android or iOS are compatible with HPLD's digital audiobooks, ebooks, magazines and music.

If you want to see if the device you're planning to purchase is compatible - check out this list of compatible devices from OverDrive.

What is the best device for you? Depends on how you want to use your tablet. If you're concerned about glare and your eyes, you might just want a black and white e-reader. Before buying, look at the screen and text settings, and hold the e-reader in your hand. You will see how the weight and shape feels, and if the functionality suits you. At this point you might find that either the lack of features or the extra features bug you as you use the device.

Check out these step-by-step guides

Overdrive eBooks and audiobooks
These guides will help you get eBooks or Audiobooks from Overdrive onto your device.

Zinio eMagazines

Explore hundreds of magazine titles and keep the issues forever.

Hoopla Digital

Hoopla has digital ebooks, audiobooks, TV series and movies, graphic novels and music. Available for desktops or mobile devices and streaming to your TV through Chromecast.

Need One-on-One Help?

Having trouble getting our digital content on your device? Try the Book a Librarian service. A librarian will help you for 20-40 minutes with the tech problem of your choice.

Consider, before you give...and Book a Librarian

If you are gifting an e-reader to someone who is a little less tech-savvy than yourself, think about giving a little tech-support along with the gift, lest it becomes a burden. Some people can get overwhelmed and anxious about technology that is thrust at them, but with which they are not really comfortable.

There's always the option of outsourcing that help to libraries. At HPLD, we have a Book a Librarian appointment service, where we work one on one with people to help them figure out their devices.

As a bonus, we also teach them to checkout, download and return free eBooks or audio eBooks. All of these services are provided free of charge.

Windows 10 confusion? We're here to help!

If you are running Windows 10 on your computer and need some help adjusting to the interface, we're here for you. Don't give up, we've got it all (mostly) figured out. Here are some resources to get you started:

  • HPLD is currently teaching classes on Windows 10. Check out "Tech" on our Events page, to get a list of computer classes at all of our locations.

  • Microsoft has some really good beginner Windows 10 Tutorials on YouTube.

  • The Goodwill Community Foundation has been helping computer users for a long time, and they have a pretty good set of tutorials for Windows 8. They also have both videos and written instructions with large screenshots.

  • And remember, if you're stuck, make a Book a Librarian appointment and bring your laptop or device to one of our branches. We will try to guide you through the problem.