Wireless Internet Access for Library Patrons

Service Basics

  1. Where can I access My Wireless? My Wireless is available at all High Plains Library District Branch Libraries and is being expanded to member libraries.

  2. How fast is My Wireless? Speed will vary by location and number of users.

  3. Is My Wireless secure? My Wireless is an Unsecured convenience service. Patrons using My Wireless are doing so at their own risk. It is solely the responsibility of the patron using My Wireless to provide appropriate security settings to control access from other wireless devices within the Library and the internet itself. The High Plains Library District assumes no responsibility for providing virus protection or other security measures. Patrons using the service are to fully read and abide by the High Plains Library District Internet Guidelines below.

  4. What if I have problems with My Wireless? If you encounter problems please report them to a library staff member. If you are unable to use My Wireless the library has terminals available for internet access.

  5. Will High Plains Library District staff help me get connected to My Wireless? Due to the many system variations, library staff is not available to help configure equipment to use the service. Patrons are responsible for knowing how to utilize hot spot services.

  6. Can I print from My Wireless? No, printing is not available from My Wireless, however, patrons may use the existing High Plains Library District provided internet terminals and print services.

  7. What rules apply to using My Wireless? Any activities deemed illegal apply to patrons whether or not a library–owned computer or a personal device are being used. Any illegal activity will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Patrons using My Wireless are to fully read and abide by the High Plains Library District Guidelines below.

  8. Attention Apple Macintosh Users: If you are interested in using the library's free Wi-Fi services, please make sure your laptop has a browser other than Safari loaded and available. The Safari browser does not correctly display required access information, so using IE, Firefox, Camino or another browser is necessary.