Online Meeting Reservation (GoToWebinar)

High Plains Library District now offers an Online Meeting Room.

The Online Meeting Room is available the following times:
Monday - Thursday 9:15 am - 8:30 pm
Friday & Saturday - 10:15 am - 4:30 pm
Sunday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Click here to schedule your meeting.

You must have a High Plains Library District library card to reserve the Online Meeting Room.

If you do not have a library card at the time of your meeting, your meeting will be cancelled.

If you do not have a library card, please call 1-888-861-READ (7323).

Online Meeting Room FAQ's

What do I need to make a reservation?

  1. By the time of your meeting, you must have a High Plains Library District library card. If you do not have a library card, call 1-888-861-READ (7323).
  2. Click here to make your reservation.
  3. Choose the date and time of your meeting.
  4. Fill in the Meeting Room Request form
  5. Submit the form.

The form is submitted to the Virtual Library staff for approval. You will receive a confirmation email, and then an accepted email. You will also receive an email with information to send to the attendees of your meeting. Attendees must register to attend your meeting.

How does an Online Meeting Room work?

An Online Meeting Room allows you to meet online so you can work more and travel less. Attendees can log in from their computer and either call in from their phone or listen to the meeting using their computers speaker and microphone.

How do I start the meeting?
Virtual Library staff will start your meeting for you, you just need to log in with the instructions you receive via email.

I've never used GoToWebinar, what do I need to do?
Click here for instructions for first time users.

How many people can attend an Online Meeting?

You can have up to 100 attendees.

How does it work?

The organizer (person who makes the reservation) is able to invite up to 100 attendees to his webinar. The organizer has the ability to share his desktop with the attendees. Attendees listen to the webinar using either their telephone or their microphone and speakers on their computer.

Definition of Webinar Terms

What is an organizer?

An organizer is a person with a GoToWebinar account who schedules, starts, manages and ends a webinar. An organizer can also designate other attendees to be organizers or panelists. Once a webinar starts, the initial organizer (Virtual Library staff) is the default presenter and may either begin presenting or pass the presenter controls to any other organizer or panelist.

What is a panelist?

A panelist is a person who presents and/or answers questions assigned to him or her during a webinar. A panelist can be given the presenter controls at any time during the webinar and is able to speak on the conference call by default. Panelists do not need to have GoToWebinar accounts to participate in web events.

What is a presenter?

A presenter is the person showing his or her desktop to the webinar audience. The webinar organizer is always designated as the first presenter. The presenter role can then be passed to another organizer, panelist or attendee.

Presenters can show their complete desktops, a clean screen (with no icons or taskbar) or a specific application window to all webinar attendees. Presenters may choose to pause showing their desktops or applications at any time. Presenters may grant other organizers or panelists the ability to share control of the presenter's mouse and keyboard.

What is an attendee?

An attendee is any person who can view the presenter's screen but is initially muted on the conference call to minimize background noises that would detract from the presentation. If you're using Unlimited Audio, the organizer can unmute up to 25 participants (including panelists and other organizers), whether they're in Telephone mode or using VoIP. If additional attendees need to speak, a corresponding number of unmuted participants will first need to be muted, as only 25 may be unmuted at any time.

Attendees do not need to have GoToWebinar accounts to participate in web events.

Features of the Online Meeting

You can record your webinar – including all phone and computer audio – for future review and reuse. Your webinar will be available and sent to you via email 2 to 3 days after the meeting.

System Requirements

For System Requirements, please click here to see what you need to have a successful Online Meeting.