Notary Service

HPLD offers limited notary service during most open hours. We recommend that you contact the library of your choice (1-888-861-7323) to verify that a notary is available.

The responsibility of a notary is to verify your identity, determine that you are the person you say you are, and watch you sign a document. Notaries cannot give legal advice on which form to use or how to complete a form.

Please do not sign the form before you come. Any signatures that need to be notarized have to be done in front of the notary.

Other than the signature, please have your entire form filled out. Notaries have to check the document for blanks and any blank spaces will need to be X’ed or lined out before the form can be notarized.

If your document requires witnesses, please provide your own.

Notarizing documents takes time and so if you have more than two documents, we recommend that you call for an appointment.

Please arrive at least an hour before closing so that we have ample time to complete the notary act and do our regular closing procedures.

You must have a valid, government issued photo ID. Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • Current driver's license or state issued identification.
  • Current U.S. Passport
  • Valid U.S.Military I.D. (must be signed)

Photocopies of identification are not acceptable.

By law, notaries are unable to notarize vital records, a public record document, a document that may be publicly recorded or a document that is marked “do not copy” or is prohibited from copying. Examples include:

  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce records
  • Court records
  • Real estate deeds
  • City records
  • School records
  • Business records
  • Social Security cards
  • Immigration cards/documents
  • Military I.D.

In addition, HPLD notaries do not notarize:

  • I-9 verifications
  • Petitions
  • Real estate documents including but not limited to Quit Claim Deeds, lease/purchase agreements, real estate contracts
  • Notices of Dishonor

For additional information, please visit Colorado Secretary of State's Notary Home Site.

The following locations offer limited Notary Service:
• Carbon Valley Regional Library
• Centennial Park
• Erie Community Library
• Farr Regional Library
• Kersey
• Lincoln Park
• Platteville Public Library
• Riverside Library & Cultural Center

Notary service hours vary by location, please call 1-888-861-7323 for availability.