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Laptop checks out for 5 days

Pick a time on the calendar that works best for you and make your reservation.

Our Laptop Checkout program gives you the choice to pick the date when you need a laptop the most.

Laptops check out for a 5 day period. Pick up day is Thursday and due day is Monday.

Laptop check out is available at the following locations: Carbon Valley Regional Library, Centennial Park, Erie Community, Farr Regional Library, Kersey, and the Riverside Library and Cultural Center.

Laptop reservation is no longer available at Lincoln Park.

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Select a pick up location
Carbon Valley
Centennial Park
Riverside Library & Cultural Center

Once you select a location, the Borrower Contract will appear. Once you have agreed to the contract, click submit, then pick the date you want to reserve the laptop. See below for the Computer Usage Agreement and a video if you want to watch the check out process.

Computer Use Agreement

Computer Usage Agreement By making a reservation for a laptop you are agreeing to the following terms.

Borrower’s Contract for Wireless Laptop Computer
Checkout Eligibility of Borrower:

•Borrower must be 18 years of age or older and have less then $7.50 in fines and fees.

•Borrower must present his/her own valid High Plains Library District Library card and an acceptable photo ID.

•Borrower may not be one of the following types: unverified, net card, or CLC

•Borrower must have sufficient knowledge to operate the computer including knowledge of:
-how to start and shut down the computer
-how to access the Internet and other programs
-how to save files with a Flash Drive
-how to toggle wireless service on and off

•Borrower may reserve the computer once a month.

The laptop computer will be available for pick up beginning at opening on Thursday, but may be picked up on any day of your reservation. But, be aware, if you do not pick up the laptop on Thursday, you will not get your full 5 day checkout period. The laptop must be returned by close on Monday.

Obligations of Borrower:

•Borrower shall comply with all state and federal laws concerning use of the Internet and all library policies concerning the use of borrowed materials and equipment.

•Borrower shall not lend the computer to other persons and shall exercise care to assure that the computer is not lost or stolen.

•Borrower shall exercise care to properly use the computer and to not cause damage to it.

•Borrower shall be responsible for saving or making copies of all documents and other work performed by Borrower. The computer does not have printer capability, and Borrower will need to save information to a flash drive or print elsewhere.

•Computer must be delivered personally to a staff person at the library from which it was borrowed on or before the date it is due.

Liability of Borrower:

•Borrower will be charged a $50.00 per day fine for each day the laptop is not returned after the due date.

•Borrower will be charged a $50.00 fine if the computer is returned to a different library than the one it was borrowed from or if it is not returned to a staff person.

•Borrower will be charged for any damage to the computer not covered by warranty up to the full cost of a replacement unit of $1,500.00.

•If Borrower fails to return the computer within 6 days of the due date, the computer will be considered stolen, and the library may report the failure to return to appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Contrato de usuario de uso de la computadora Haz click aqui.

Rights of High Plains Library District:

High Plains Library District may take legal action to enforce this contract High Plains may refuse to lend a computer or to renew a borrowing period for reasons it deems appropriate, including but not limited to lack of satisfactory ID, prior violations of this contract by borrower and prior violations of other library policies by Borrower.

By reserving a laptop, I agree to the above terms and conditions. I also agree to indemnify and hold the High Plains Library District and its officers, employees and agents harmless from any loss, cost, damages and other expenses it/they incur arising out of this contract.

View/Cancel a Request

To view your reservation or to cancel a reservation, click on the location of your reservation:
Carbon Valley
Centennial Park
Farr Regional

Watch this Video to See How to Check Out a Laptop


Q: When can I pick up my reserved laptop?

A: You can pick up your laptop starting on the Thursday of your reservation. If you can't pick it up on Thursday, you can pick it up any day of your reservation, but be aware you will not get the full 5 day checkout. The laptop must be returned on Monday.

Q: Can I send my husband in to pick up the laptop?

A: No, the person who placed the reservation must be the one who picks up the laptop.

Q: Can my son return the laptop?

A: You can have anyone return the laptop to the library (make sure that it gets checked in with a staff member). Just be aware that whoever checked out the laptop is responsible for any damage to the laptop.

Q: What happens if I'm a day late returning the laptop?

A: The late fees are $50.00 per day.