The New Catalog Is Here

On November 12 High Plains Library District made the transition to a new computer system – called an Integrated Library System (ILS). The new ILS makes it easier and faster for patrons to search and find materials in the catalog/collection. In addition to returning better search results (catalog items and database articles) the new ILS offers increased functionality with a back button, reading record, shopping cart and one-click checkouts for Overdrive e-materials and much more.

After more than 20 years with the current ILS vendor High Plains made the move to a new vendor to keep pace with the ever changing technology and service needs of our patrons. The new ILS is better positioned to meet the demands of patrons and staff who work with the ILS every day and live up to the expectations of a 21st century, modern-day library system.

What does an ILS do? An ILS is the system used by libraries to order and acquire, receive and invoice, catalog, circulate, and track library materials. An ILS is comprised of databases, a number of various systems and applications, software, a user interface for library staff, and a public catalog interface for patrons. What is the new computer system called? HPLD’s new system is Sierra by Innovative Interfaces Inc. The public catalog is called Encore.

Please see below for quick tutorials and information you need to know about this change.


Changes You'll See With The New Catalog

  • Finding what you want will be easier with improved search results and enhanced filtering options.
  • Ever wanted a list of what you've read before? Now you can with a new option for saving your reading history (note by default your reading history is not saved, this service is only available if you want to opt in).
  • Forgot your pin? You no longer have to call the library to reset it. Use the 'Forgot Pin' option on the login page.
  • High Plains is working to simplify the checkout of electronic content like ebooks and eaudiobooks. There's still work to be done but with the new catalog you'll have one-click checkouts of materials from Overdrive.
  • A single search now returns not only materials but also library-only research and database results.
  • You can update your account information including phone, email and address.
  • You will be able to save your items to customized lists of things you may want to borrow.
  • No more opening up a separate application to view what you have checked out. You can view all your checkouts, including ebooks, in your account.
  • It's silly we know but that back button now works. Such a little thing but what a big deal!
  • This isn't new but it's important enough we want to say it again. Can't find what you want? Let us know! If we don't have something you are looking for we have ways of getting it for you.

How do I.....?

Quick links to get you started in the catalog

How do I....Manage my account?

How do I...email items, create a list, tag items?

How do I...Search the catalog?

How do I...view full item results?

How do I....Request and renew items?

How do I....check out OverDrive items in the catalog?

Important Information Regarding Borrowing

  • Before November 11 = 15 per each media type
  • After November 11 = 15 total media items
  • Movies and children's videos = 1 week checkout
  • Everything else* = 3 week checkout

    *special service items excluded

Number of Times an Item Can Be Renewed

  • Before November 11 = 15
  • After November 11 = 3


Schedule and Other Information Points You Need to Know

  • October 20 - November 11 Books and TV series will check out for 4 weeks

  • October 31 - November 11 DVD's will check out for 2 weeks

  • Sunday November 9 - Tuesday November 11 the existing catalog will be unavailable. During this time items cannot be placed on hold or renewed nor can fines or fees be paid. To checkout materials on Nov 9 or 10 (the libraries are closed on the Nov 11) it will be important to have your library card with you. Access to the internet and printing services will be available.

Getting the Most Out of the New System

To be able to utilize all features of the new system make sure your contact information including email and phone are up to date.

My List Users

Your list from our current catalog will not migrate to our new catalog. Here are instructions on how to email your list to yourself. Make sure to get your information by November 8th or your lists will be lost.

Suspended Holds

Any suspended holds in the existing system will immediately become active again on Nov 11. Patrons will need to suspend holds again once the new system goes live.

About Notifications (holds, items coming due, overdues, ...)

  • Patrons interested in receiving text message notices will need to select this option in their account. If you are currently signed up for the text service that information will not carry over to the new system. Text notices will be unavailable starting November 7. Watch this short video on how to sign up for text notices on the new system starting November 12.
  • By default, patrons will receive phone notices unless they have previously indicated a request for no phone calls and have an email address on file.
  • Patrons have the option in their accounts to select phone or email notices and in addition can also sign up for text messages.
  • To make updates to how you receive notifications from the library login to your account after November 12.
  • Paper notices are being discontinued and will no longer be mailed.
  • For assistance with how you receive notices please fell free to give us a call, chat with us or send us an email.



I see the number of renewals has been changed from 15 to 3, why?
High Plains wants our community to make use of the many resources available to you. In order to establish consistent lending practices throughout the District and ensure availability of materials for all our patrons the number of renewals is being adjusted. With the current schedules if, for example, an item is borrowed and then renewed 3 times that means you will have it for 12 weeks. If 12 weeks is not sufficient and there are no holds on the item you can bring it to the library and have a staff member do a brand new checkout also eligible for 3 renewals.

I used to be able to checkout 15 dvds and 15 music cds but with this change I’m now only able to checkout 15 total, why?
Media formats are some of our highest demand items. In order to establish consistent lending practices throughout the District and ensure availability of these materials for all our patrons the number of media items being borrowed at one time is being adjusted.

We want to hear from you. What do you like with the new system and what do you miss from the old?
We greatly value your feedback and always appreciate if you take a minute to let us know your thoughts.


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