Movie Reviews

Welcome to the Movie Reviews page at the High Plains Library District. Follow the links below to read reviews of movies past and present.

All Movie Guide
Read reviews for the newest movies and upcoming releases, or explore the major movies in different genres. In addition to the reviews and the blog, the All Movie Guide also gives you the unique option to explore movies with similar themes.

Common Sense Media
Common Sense Media was created to be the family's best friend. Parents and kids who are concerned about the content of a movie need look no further. The reviewers from this website see the movies for you, letting you know all about questionable content so you can decide what to see.

American Movie Classics has created movie buff heaven in Filmsite. Find movie reviews, analysis, best-of lists, movie quotes and more on this one-stop site for fans of the best movies of the last hundred years.

IMDb - Internet Movie Database
The Internet Movie Database has something for every movie fan. You can find detailed plot summaries, movie trivia, fan reviews, movie stills, trailers, and production information, all in one place. Best of all, IMDb is very hard to stump. Follow this link to learn all you want to know about movies big and small.

Movie Review Query Engine
Movie fans who are reluctant to take any one reviewer's word will find much to like at the Movie Review Query Engine. Simply type in the title of the movie to find a list of places where the movie was reviewed, many times with links to the original review.

Movie Web
Movie Web offers a place for movie fans to get all of the industry news and rumors, as well as a place to find user reviews of popular films. Visit Movie Web to get the opinions of everyday moviegoers, and even to add your own views.

The Onion AV Club
The Onion AV Club has made it its mission to help people find the good and avoid the bad. Read the in-depth and thoughtful reviews of new releases, or just glance at the movie's grades when you're in a rush.

Parent Previews
Parent Previews, along with Common Sense Media, is an important tool for parents looking for the best movies for their families. In addition to movie reviews, Parent Previews also grades popular movies in the categories of violence, sexual content, language, and drugs/alcohol.

Roger Ebert Movies & More
Roger Ebert and his thumb were made famous by the tv show "At the Movies." Although he is no longer on tv, you can still benefit from his extensive movie knowledge by visiting his website. After checking out his movie reviews, be sure to see his list of Great Movies.

Rotten Tomatoes
There may be levels of good-ness in movies, but for Rotten Tomatoes users it all comes down to one thing: was it fresh or rotten? You can see at a glance how fresh a movie is, but if you want to know more you can also find out what the critics said, what the fans said, and even watch a trailer or two.