Movie Awards

Welcome to the Movie Awards page, where you can find information on film festivals and the award-winning films of past and present.

Academy Awards
The Academy Awards' iconic little gold statue is one of the most coveted awards in the movie industry. Visit the website to find a list of Oscar-winning films, information about the Academy, and video highlights from past ceremonies.

AFI Awards
The American Film Institute works to celebrate and recognize excellence in American cinema. Visit their website to find the winners of the AFI Awards and to explore their lists of the greatest movies in American film history.

Cannes Film Festival
For decades, the Cannes Film Festival has been held in France to celebrate international cinema and to provide a place for glamourous movie royalty to see and be seen. The festival's homepage offers information on each year's official selections, as well as which films went home with prizes.

Golden Globe Awards
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, made up of international journalists covering Hollywood and the American film industry, hosts the Golden Globe Awards to honor the best in American filmmaking. Take a look at the website to find information on the ceremony and past winners.

MTV Movie Awards
MTV's Movie Awards ceremony tends to avoid the critically acclaimed "film." Instead, you'll find a celebration of the fun and fantastic blockbuster. The website has information on past winners, photos from the red carpet, and videos from the wildest night in the movies.

The Razzies
Everybody has seen at least one. They are the movies that are so bad, you can't believe someone actually spent money to make them. Or, occasionally, the movies that are so bad they're somehow great. The Razzies are awarded to the worst movies ever. Discover the "winners" here.

Screen Actors Guild Awards
Check out the Screen Actors Guild Awards to find out what happens when actors give awards to other actors. This award is one of the most prized by actors precisely because it is given by their peers. Find out which performances are most admired in the acting community by visiting the SAG website today.

Spirit Awards
Independent films are becoming more and more popular, and the Spirit Awards were the first to honor independent movies exclusively. Check out the website to find videos from the awards ceremony and a list of past winners.

Sundance Film Festival
Robert Redford started the Sundance Organization and the Sundance Film Festival to nurture and celebrate independent filmmaking. The website offers information about the Organization, the current or upcoming festival, and tips on how to organize a trip to Sundance.