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Personalized Reading Suggestions

Have you ever been in the terrible position of having nothing new to read? Your favorite authors have nothing new and nothing on the bestseller lists sounds good. Your friends and family have recommended some books, but frankly your reading tastes are just too different. The High Plains Library District is offering a solution: Personalized Reading Lists.

To get your list, simply answer a few short questions about your favorite books and authors, as well as your reading likes and dislikes, and your local library will compile a list of reading suggestions tailored just for you. Do you love mysteries, but hate violence? We can help! Having trouble figuring out which book is next in that series you're reading? If we don't know, we'll find out. Do you love Clive Cussler, but have read everything he's published? Well, we have a few suggestions...

Click the link below to request your list online or visit your local library for a paper form, and the dozens of readers' advisors and book experts in the High Plains Library District will be hard at work finding new books and authors that you might enjoy. Each list will include five to ten suggested titles with a plot summary and a brief description of why we think you might enjoy it. Because each list is made just for you, it may take us approximately two weeks to get the finished product to you, with some variation based on the number of requests we receive.

We welcome requests from all ages, reading levels, and interests. Best of all, we love repeat customers! If your mood or interests change, let us know and a new list will be on its way. Request your list today and let your High Plains Library District staff help you find your next favorite book.

Click here to request a list!