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CO Play & Learn

CO PLAY & LEARN is a fun and free app developed by Colorado libraries for parents to help their kids get ready to read.

CO Play & Learn offers quick learning tips accompanied by colorful graphics for parents and caregivers to help children develop pre-reading skills, and simple games and activities to do together in both English and Spanish. Activities are leveled for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, and focus on reading, talking, singing, writing and playing. With this app, early literacy tips and activities can now be easily accessed from a mobile device.

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The High Plains Library District has great resources to help you with those tough subjects that come up as you raise your children. Click on the links below to see a brochure that will guide you to books and DVDs that will help.

Toilet Training
Bullies and Bullying
Grieving and Loss
How Was I Born?

For a more indepth look at parenting resources in the district and throughout the HPLD community, check out the prenatal and parenting resources libguide created by the library. Be sure to browse through to discover both library and online resources.

Prenatal and Parenting Libguide

Early Literacy

What in the world is early literacy?! It seems like that term gets thrown around a lot. Well, here it is in a nutshell: Early literacy is what children know about reading and writing before they can actually read or write.

As parents and caretakers of these young ones, you have an essential role in early literacy because learning begins long before a child ever steps foot in a classroom. You can help your child learn important skills now that will set them on the right path to becoming good readers and writers. And the best news of all is that it's FUN!

Forget the flashcards and step away from the computer and the television. Instead, sit down together and play a game, laugh and sing songs, tell stories or take a walk outside and talk about all the wonderful things you see...birds, clouds, stop signs, grasshoppers! You'll have a grand time together and your child won't even know that you're getting them ready to learn to read and write.

Want to learn more about early literacy? Check out our Early Literacy handout.

High Plains Library District Early Literacy Brochure

For more information and some great resources, explore the Early Literacy page and weblinks on our Prenatal and Parenting libguide.

HPLD Early Literacy Resources

If you are looking for good books to read to your kids and some tips on how to share them, check out our videos.

Early Literacy Tips Videos.

Have fun!

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