“Access to knowledge is the superb, the supreme act of truly great civilizations. Of all the institutions that purport to do this, free libraries stand virtually alone in accomplishing this mission. No committee decides who may enter, no crisis of body or spirit must accompany the entrant. No tuition is charged, no oath sworn, no visa demanded. Of the monuments humans build for themselves, very few say "touch me, use me, my hush is not indifference, my space is not barrier. If I inspire awe, it is because I am in awe of you and the possibilities that dwell in you.”

Author Toni Morrison

How can you support your libraries?

Let us count the ways!

The High Plains Library District Foundation needs your help in keeping our crop of funding for library programs and special projects healthy.

Here are some of the ways you can help...

  1. Make a one-time or automatic recurring donation online.
  2. Can’t give now? Leave a legacy at your library (download our legacy brochure at the bottom of this page). Make a bequest in your will that designates a gift from your estate, name us as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy or have memorial gifts sent to us in lieu of flowers.
  3. Actively participate in our fundraising efforts by volunteering for and attending foundation events.
  4. Take some of our foundation brochures to your CPA, estate planning attorney or financial planner so they are aware of our efforts and can refer other donors to us. Call (888) 861-READ (7323)or e-mail us to get some brochures.
  5. Sponsor a fundraising event or library program. Host a fundraising party at your house and invite everyone you know (at least those you like) to buy a ticket or make a donation to get in. Make up any theme you want - tea party, trivia tournament, golf tournament, jewelry swap, wine tasting, craft sale, Talent Show, etc.
  6. Set Goodsearch as your homepage at work and at home (be sure to select us as your charity). You’d be surprised at how fast searching and shopping there adds up for us.
  7. Have gift cards you've never used? Donate them to us.
  8. Sell your items on Ebay and donate a percentage to us.
  9. Share your stories of how our libraries have positively affected you or somebody you know. Twitter or post something good about us on Facebook. You could even arrange for the HPLD Foundation to give a presentation at a civic or business group you’re involved with.

Together, we can keep our community’s harvest of library resources plentiful – a gift that will no doubt feed the minds of many for generations to come!