Our Mission

Cultivate information, inspiration and entertainment for our communities by raising funds to sustain and create literacy programs, collection development, technology upgrades and capital improvements for our libraries.

Why Support Your Libraries?

Where is the one place that all people in our community can come for inspiration, information and entertainment for life? The answer is YOUR LIBRARY!

We are the place where kids can come for fun and learning or get help on their homework instead of roaming the streets or going home to an empty house.

We are the educational partners who provide supplemental classroom materials to teachers for their study units and resources for their students (computers, internet access, and books).

We are the economic stimulus partners of the community. We help entrepreneurs build their businesses and job seekers gain skills and find jobs.

We are the place where people can explore new things, be green and economical. The library is the ultimate facility that provides free books, DVDs, internet access, classes and entertainment. Come and try before you buy!

We are the gathering place where families connect and friendships are made. The mom who meets new friends when she brings her children to a story time or educational program. The widow who finds comfort surrounded by life. The parent who helps their child with research for a school project or common hobby.

There are many reasons libraries are important to individuals and communities. Below is a list of links that support the important work we're doing.

"Libraries: More Than Books" produced by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (featuring the High Plains Library District!)

*Opportunity for All: How the American Public Benefits from Internet Access at U.S. Libraries

State of America's Libraries 2012*