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August is Kindergarten Readiness Month!

It may be old hat or perhaps it’s your first time, but the first day of school can always be a cause of anxiety and jitters for both parents and children. It’s time to buy your crayons and glue, because the school year is just around the corner.

Children who are entering school for the first time may be apprehensive or unsure about the new environment and the interaction with so many new people every day. The library is a great place to take your kids to help them experience different social situations and meet new people. Encouraging your children to meet other kids and play with them within the comfortable environment of the children’s area in your library or a children’s program will help them learn social skills that will benefit them in kindergarten and beyond. Participating in the crafting programs and story times that your library offers will also help improve your child’s fine motor and literacy skills and encourage a sense of educational curiosity.

Your new elementary school will typically have a time that you can come in before the first day of school to visit your child’s classroom and meet their new teacher. Take advantage of this opportunity and allow your child to feel comfortable and excited about the new environment. This visit will also provide you with a chance to start a relationship with your child’s teacher and inquire about volunteer opportunities in the school and classroom.

August is Kindergarten Readiness Month, and your library has some great resources to help prepare both you and your child for that first big day of school. Whether you are homeschooling or entering elementary school for the first time, there are various resources that can help your child deal with school related anxiety, prepare for the day-to-day activities of kindergarten, and gain the social skills needed to make kindergarten a fun and enjoyable experience. Preparing for kindergarten now will ensure a seamless and easy transition as your child enters the next stage in their journey of lifelong learning.

Mylinh, Erie Community Library


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We have a great collection of parenting and early literacy resources on our website.


Kindergarten Preparation

Education.com has culled together resources from various early education associations like the National Head Start Association, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and the National Center for Learning Disabilities to present a quick list of kindergarten readiness tips and advice.


Preparing for Kindergarten Scholastic.com presents a handy list of skills that children should have before entering kindergarten and a guideline of the skill that they typically learn during their kindergarten year.

Great Websites for Kids / Association for the Library Service for Children

This website lists some great education websites for kids to visit and play games on. Some of the sites are geared towards children older than kindergarten aged, but other sites will offer some great practice towards kindergarten skills.