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High Plains Library District is proud to present Supaman as our guest for Teen Tour 2016!

Every year we bring in an inspiring creative professional to share with area middle and high schools. Christian Parrish, aka Supaman, is a Native American hip-hop artist who brings some powerful messages to his performances, such as anti-bullying and anti-drug-use. He wears traditional Native American dance regalia at many of his performances and talks about the culture surrounding Native American fancy dancing. He also teaches workshops on music production.

Supaman will be visiting schools from September 19-22.

Supaman inspired us to share his message with our schools and our community.

How will Supaman inspire you?

FREE Community Concert · September 22

Riverside Library & Cultural Center

Doors Open at 6:00 PM

Supaman will be performing at a community concert on September 22, 6:00pm, at the Riverside Library and Cultural Center. The concert is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be provided.

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Supaman Teen Tour

Who is Supaman?

No, this isn’t the Man of Steel. He doesn’t have super strength or X-ray vision or the power of flight. But Supaman is a hero in his own right. And he’s High Plains Library District’s guest for our 2016 Teen Tour.

The High Plains Library District’s Teen Tour is all about inspiring teens to recognize and embrace the world of possibilities that exist within themselves. We do this by hosting and sharing the stories of talented artists with our schools and our community. This September, Teen Tour is featuring Supaman, an inspirational figure who has certainly embraced his possibilities. Together, the library and Supaman will visit middle schools and community organizations, capping off our week-long celebration with a community concert at Riverside Library.

Supaman is the stage name of Christian Parrish Takes the Gun, a Native American hip-hop artist who currently resides on the Crow reservation in Montana. He grew up in a troubled home; his parents were alcoholics and he spent much of his childhood in foster care. In his 20s, he experimented with rapping – and crime. Thankfully, the latter career didn’t take off, but his career in music soared. Hip-hop and dancing became a positive, life-changing influence on his life. Now he shares that talent with kids and teens all over the country. He also shares a strong anti-drug, anti-alcohol message, drawing on his own past to connect with his audience. His performances are also steeped in rich Native American cultures and traditions. Decked out in full Native American regalia, Supaman is a blend of old and new – hip-hop mixed with fancy dance, a style of Native American cultural and religious dance. The diversity of his performances speaks to the diversity of teens today.

High Plains Library District is excited to host this talented, inspiring artist with our schools and our community.

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