Display Artwork or Collections at the Library

Each High Plains Library District (HPLD) location has space for local artists and collectors to display their talents. Read the HPLD Displays and Exhibits Policies and Procedures.

Displays and Exhibits Policy
Displays and exhibits are encouraged and shall be placed in the Library at the discretion of the Executive Director, Associate Director, Library Manager, or the Board of Trustees.

Displays and Exhibits Guideline
Any display that is accepted may be requested to be removed by the Library Manager or designee. This may be the display, as a whole, or portions of a display.

Individuals loaning items for exhibits at any branch of the High Plains Library District must complete and sign the “Art Exhibit Application Form.” The Agreement must be signed before any loaned items are placed on exhibit. The lender will be given a copy of the signed agreement. Displays and Exhibits Procedure Displays and exhibits meeting the following guidelines may be accepted for display in a Library location by the Executive Director, Library Manager or location’s designee:


  • Displays should be of broad public interest.
  • Displays may not solicit funds.
  • Displays should encourage library use.
  • Displays are left at the individual or organization's risk.
  • Exhibitors will check with the branch representative concerning:
    • date for beginning and end of display;
    • subject of display;
    • phone number and address of person responsible for display;
    • waiver of liability for loss.
  • Displays must be set up and taken down during normal business hours.

The High Plains Library District is not responsible for theft or damage, nor does it carry insurance to protect items loaned for display in its cases or in its exhibit area. Insurance is the sole responsibility of the lender.

For More Information: Email us, Call 1-888-861-READ (7323) or Visit your Local Library.