HPLD Sustainability Statement

The High Plains Library District minimizes its impact on the environment by making efforts to reduce consumption of resources, use resources more wisely, and provide the community with information and opportunities to do the same.

Sustainability in Action

Solar Panels

Solar Panels have been installed on the roofs of the Centennial Park and Farr Libraries. The solar panels will provide almost 20% of each building’s electrical consumption yet did not require the High Plains Library District to invest any capital in the project. Instead, a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) was utilized which is possible with utility provider rebate programs for renewable energy and a 20-year contract with a solar provider.

View each library’s energy consumption and solar production:

Centennial Park Solar Panels.

Farr Regional Library Solar Panels.

We partner with Solar City and The Renewable Energy Initiative to help power our libraries with the sun.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric vehicle charging stations are available at The Farr Regional Library and the Riverside Library & Cultural Center. Both are enabled with the Chargepoint interface that allows users to charge their credit cards ($1 per hour) for payment, make reservations, and provide technical support for end users. Set up an account at www.chargepoint.com for easy access to the EV charging station.

We Partner with the Colorado Energy Office, Regional Air Quality Control, The Renewable Energy Initiative, and Northern Colorado Clean Cities to reduce our dependence on oil, improve air quality, and expand the electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

More information on electric vehicles can be found at the following links:

Alternative Fuels Data Center

Charge Ahead Colorado

Green Buildings

Our facilities are environmentally responsible and resource efficient in design, construction, operation, maintenance, and renovation. A multi-branch project to reduce energy consumption and improve occupant comfort resulted in a reduction of more than 1.2 million pounds of CO2 emissions which is the equivalent of removing 115 cars from our roads or powering 50 homes for a year. Click here to see the highlights from our Energy Performance project.

Our buildings are cleaned using green products in order to reduce exposure of building occupants and maintenance personnel to potentially hazardous chemicals, biological and particulate contaminants, which adversely affect air quality, human health, building finishes, building systems and the environment.

Riverside Library & Cultural Center is LEED Gold certified and is partially powered by renewable energy. Click here to learn more about LEED Certification.

We partner with McKinstry , Renewable Choice, and the Colorado Energy Office to help reduce the environmental impact and energy consumption inherent in operating commercial buildings.

Nature Walk

Carbon Valley Regional Library has “expanded” the library to include a nature trail and an outdoor classroom. With the help of Encana, the Town of Firestone, Longmont & Boulder Valley Conservation Districts, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, local Eagle Scouts, boy and girl scouts and patron volunteers, we are:

  • reestablishing the native grasses,
  • planting more pollinators, milkweed and sunflowers,
  • planting trees for shade and enjoyment,
  • developing a primitive ampitheater for outdoor programming,
  • constructing picnic tables and benches,
  • weaving a trail throughout the property,
  • developing educational signage and backpacks, and
  • planning educational programs.


We offer household battery and other recycling opportunities to the public at all of our locations.

As a part of normal operations, we recycle internal waste such as paper, cardboard, books, aluminum, and organic waste. We average over 18 tons of materials recycling each year. We partner with Green Girl Recycling and Common Good Composting. More about Green Girl’s single stream recycling can be found by watching this video:

Green Team

Employees with an interest in environmental sustainability are encouraged to be part of the High Plains Library District’s Green Team. The Green Team meets regularly to discuss and implement ideas that support the Sustainability Statement. Because the Green Team is internally driven, we are able to realize green initiatives that matter to our employees.

Because we should...

Sometimes it’s the small things that have a big impact on our environment. We understand that even small initiatives can make a big difference, so we also provide the public with a way to recycle household batteries and books. Our libraries also feature bicycle repair stations to encourage using an alternative mode of transportation to our locations.

Have a green idea or suggestion?

Please send an email to Eric Ewing, Associate Director of Human Resources & Facilities.